Repairing an iPod

Repairing an iPod

Even if your I Pod works, I suggest you read this in case it ever doesn’t.

  1. Method 1: Is the lock button pressed? If so, then the i Pod can’t turn on even if you press all of the buttons.
  2. Method 2: Try charging your i Pod, if it isn’t charged at all, it won’t start.
  3. Method 3: If the 2 methods above don’t work, after doing both, press the middle (round) button, and the menu button (menu button is above the round button). Hold it for a few seconds, and the apple logo should show up.
  4. Method 4: ONLY do this if none of the above work, since this method also deletes everything on your i Pod. Connect your i Pod to your computer, and open i Tunes. Click the I pod menu bar on the left of the screen, and choose restore i Pod. THIS WILL DELETE ALL OF YOUR MUSIC, PICTURES, VIDEOS, AND EVERYTHING THAT YOU’VE ADDED ON YOUR i POD (The things that came with the i Pod are not deleted).

If you still have problems after doing these, comment at the bottom, and describe what your i Pod is doing, and I’ll try to help.

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ipodshuffle, posted this comment on Aug 30th, 2009

what to do if ipod shuffle doesnt turn on?tnx!i really appreciate your help.

ipotshuffle, posted this comment on Aug 30th, 2009

What to do if the player is an ipodshuffle tnx.i really appreciate your help.

Andrei Nistor, posted this comment on Aug 31st, 2009

The following was gotten from:

Disconnect your iPod Shuffle from your computer.

Find the switch on the back (first generation) or the top (second generation) and move it to the off position. You won’t see any of the green strip when it’s in the off position.

Wait five seconds.

Move the switch back to play or shuffle. Your iPod should be working fine now!

Kelly, posted this comment on Sep 30th, 2009

My ipod nano screen turns on, but it is white. I can hear music and everything, I just cant see anything on the screen. Thanks for your help!

Andrei Nistor, posted this comment on Oct 1st, 2009

Kelly, this problem might be due to a malfunction in the iPod, in which case I suggest talking to a professional or someone at an Apple store. The problem might also be because of the screen being broken, in which case I think you should either do what I said above, or buy a new one. Do you remember dropping your iPod recently? Or maybe getting it wet?

BluSphere, posted this comment on Feb 9th, 2010

Hmm. I would say that most of this stuff is something that everyone knows.. But well. Not everyone might know this stuff. Thanks for sharing.

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